at Cafe De Paris - setting up in progress for tonight's event!

Furniture's classic album: "The Wrong People" is available again (finally!) on Cherry Red Records, featuring the hit single: "Brilliant Mind"
At #MetropolisStudios finalising the video and audio clips for tomorrow night's #MPGawards event
The Music Producers Guild (UK) website

Producers Steve Levine and Paul Epworth discuss the MPG Awards with Nemone on BBC 6 Music.This photo taken during their chat about the MPG Awards 2011 on Nemone's show at BBC 6 Music on Monday, Feb 7th, 2011

It's been my great pleasure to have been at The Waterboys "Appointment with Mr Yeats" tonight at The Barbican - what a fantastic show!

New lighting arrangement in the studio...

At QEH - Tomorrow's Warriors gig - Binker Golding conducting "The Ritual"
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Finished recording the Sparkydog album tonight! After an intense couple of weeks, we finally recorded the last overdubs of the album: me, playing percussion and......a harmony vocal! I had suggested to Graham MacNamara, one of the two lead singers of the band, that it would be a good idea to add a simple harmony to one or two lines in one of the songs he sings:"Life Of Comfort", but he persuaded me to sing it instead. I was a little apprehensive, but he and Rony Abovitz encouraged me to do it, so I'll have to check out the album to see if you think my performance is any good.

Wandering around the inspiring chaos that is Miami's Art Basel !

Great burgers at Lester's Diner last night!

Larry's mic pre is sounding great.......very clear, but also very rich and full sounding...

Two fabulous clone LA-2A compressors.........built by my good friend, Keith Andrews

Testing a new mic pre from Larry Janus at The Tube Equipment Corporation

Larry is a pro-audio equipment designer with incredibly high standards and a long history in professional audio in the U.S.A.

He's generously lent me the prototype of his new mic pre to try out during the Sparkydog recording.

Check out the other designs at his website.

Back in Florida with Sparkydog...

I've escaped the unpleasant winter weather in the UK, and I'm back in Florida where it's 80 degrees and sunny! It's great to be back.

We've just got back from the Miami Music Festival, where I played bass onstage with Rony's sister, Mindy - a rare moment!

We're recording 5 new songs to complete the Sparkydog album, in their state-of-the-art project studio in Hollywood.

We've recorded reference tracks, and yesterday completed all the drum parts with Debb. I'm in the middle of editing the drum takes in Pro Tools - should be done by tomorrow afternoon.

Ian Hunter and Mick Ralphs onstage after the screening at the BFI of the must-see documentary: "The Ballad Of Mott The Hoople"

We're in the Directors Box at Wembley for the Saracens v Leinster rugby match! - big-time VIP treatment - currently experiencing entertainment from Tinie Tempah!
Hotpress Music Show - producer panel:

I had a great time last weekend, appearing on the producer panel with old friend Steve Lillywhite and artist/composer/producer, Julie Feeney.

Hotpress is a long-established, Dublin-based music magazine, along similar lines to Rolling Stone. It features intelligent journalism and runs a yearly music event: The Hotpress Music Show. There were several panels, involving many music industry figures, incl. Louis Walsh, Mark Cooper, Brian Kennedy, Paul Brady, Malcolm Gerrie, John Reid and some heated discussions - all good stuff!

The trip allowed me to hook up with some old friends, musicians, artists, producers, and industry faces - a very sociable time in all respects - incl. the great Guinness!

Check this link to the Hotpress site:

Lloyd Cole's album released! "Broken Record" is now available via Amazon

Back from a chilled holiday on Paxos in the Mediterranean.

Check out the photos at this amazing cliff-top bar/restaurant on the west coast of the island.

Read all about Paxos here.

AIR Studio 2 - great mix room!

Hard at work mixing Paul's new album.....
Sparkydog single cracks the Top 10! "Red Light" rises to no.9 in the FMQB chart of AC format radio play:

Lunch at the Ace Cafe, London

Mixing the new album by Paul Carrack:

This new album was recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra during 3 3-hour sessions at AIR Studios and Abbey Road. The 70-piece orchestra was arranged and conducted by David Cullen, and the album produced by Peter Van Hooke.

I'm having a great time mixing it at AIR Studio 2 on their classic SSL 8000 console, and Dynaudio monitors.

Photos of the recording sessions here
Sparkydog and Friends continue to rise in the FMQB charts! "Red Light" - up from 12 to 11 this week
Sparkydog and Friends "Red Light" continues its climb up the US radio play charts - up to #12!!!!!!!!

to this... (I love these composite photos! - made with the AutoStitch iPhone app)

My studio - from this....

Mission Control at Magic Leap Studio

Magic Leap Studio
Sparkydog project update: 4 more mixes completed for the Sparkydog & Friends album...flying back to Florida later in August to record more songs at their Magic Leap Studio
The current single, “Red Light” by Sparkydog and Friends continues to rise up the chart, week-by-week, in the Friday Morning Quarterback chart of U.S. radio play in the AC format category:

57  48  38  28  26  25  23  21  19 18 last week!

The current single, “Red Light” by Sparkydog and Friends continues to rise up the chart, week-by-week, in the Friday Morning Quarterback chart of U.S. radio play in the AC format category.

The current single, “Red Light” by Sparkydog and Friends has been rising steadily, week-by-week, in the Friday Morning Quarterback chart of U.S. radio play in the AC format category:

25 last week!

This represents a phenomenal amount of radio play for a single which is released by the band’s own record label, Magic Leap Records. They have not had the advantage of a major label promotional campaign, which is the norm for major releases. The other artists in the FMQB chart include Lifehouse, Nickelback, Joan Armatrading & AC/DC.
Editing, mixing new tracks for Sparkydog: June 7th, 2010: editing new tracks for Sparkydog & Friends in my studio in West London - 4 great new songs recorded: Little Bit Of Love, 44 Souls, California Daze, Love Is Love Is Love
Sparkydog session no.2: May 9th, 2010: Flying to Hollywood, Florida to record a further 4 tracks with Sparkydog and Friends
Lloyd Cole and I finished the mixing of his new album “Broken Record” last Saturday evening (25th April 2010). 12 tracks recorded in New York with a live band (plus overdubs) - a first for many years on a Lloyd Cole album.

It should be available sometime in September - stay tuned!

Sparkydog mixes completed!

Just finished the mixes of two new tracks for Sparkydog, a brand new band from Hollywood, Florida.

Very pleased....

I’m knocked out with my new Universal Audio UAD plug-ins - the best I’ve used, and very inspiring.

Rage Against Mediocrity!

Celebrate! Rage Against The Machine delivers a crushing blow to X Factor

Christmas no. 1 single in the UK

Read the Guardian front page article here....
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